Topic 3 of the HSC Economics Course looks at 6 economic issues in an Australian context. These issues are what pervades the content of the daily news and as such, there is so much information that can be included in essays beyond the theory that is in the textbooks. After all, it is the students that go above and beyond that perform the best.

Below find an article on the second 3 of the 6 economic issues.


This article from The Australian looks the growing rise in youth unemployment in Australia at the moment. This is a huge contributor to unemployment across Australia and also a very good real life situation to use in your essays on topic 3 and 4!


A very topical issue of late is that of growing push inflation as a result of the high Australian dollar and economic growth currently occuring. This article looks at some of the specific causes and  effects that this is having.

External Stability 

In the most recent RBA monthly meeting, they decided to keep the cash rate the same, signalling a “period of stability”. This article looks at what external stability is influenced by growth and inflation amongst other as this article has lots of useful information for essays across topic 3 and 4.

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