Topic 3 of the HSC Economics Course looks at 6 economic issues in an Australian context. These issues are what pervades the content of the daily news and as such, there is so much information that can be included in essays beyond the theory that is in the textbooks. After all, it is the students that go above and beyond that perform the best.

Below find an article on 3 of the 6 economic issues. Part 2 to follow next week…

Economic Growth 

This article from The Australian looks at the relationship between Australia’s current economic growth as a result of monetary policy and rising household demand and expenditure. Excellent for topic 3 and 4!

Environmental sustainability 

A very topical issue of late is that of the Liberal government’s commitment to unlist some of the World Heritage site of Tasmania forest in order to grow the forestry industry. Whilst there are no doubt some short term economic benefits, what are the environmental impacts long term? This is of growing importance in the world of economics.

Distribution of income and wealth

This article is an overview from the International Money Fund about effective ways to cut inequality through fiscal means. Useful for essay questions on topic 3 and 4!

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