At HSC CoWorks our coaches continually stretch and challenge our students, not just providing HSC Tuition, but preparing students for success after the HSC. We actively encourage students to look ahead not just to University but also to their dream career within an inspiring and leading Company. Having this type of long term vision is not only encouraging but is one of the most successful tools our students can use in order to push themselves out of their comfort zone towards a great HSC result.

You like to have fun, don’t you? So why not sell it? Red Balloon is an awesome Sydney based company that sells over 3000 experiences to give as gifts. It hires people from a wide range of industries that are like-minded in their passion and commitment to develop this company. Already it has been named on the BRW’s Top places to work 5 years in a row.

Importantly they are also very focused on the employee experience. This means flowers on your first day, an effective flow of communication across the board, an open plan office complete with games room and company library, as well as spontaneous rewards such as team events, their Red Hot Rewards program and wellness opportunities such as yoga and personal training. This flexibility encourages a widely enthusiastic team to achieve their business’s goals.

From the website:

We call ourselves ‘RedBallooners’ but what does that mean? We say that we are different, special, not like other businesses, a sea change for our new team members. But what makes it like this?

It comes back to who we are as an organisation and the values that we live by. It was from the feedback and stories that we shared about the people who worked at RedBalloon that ultimately began to give substance to the notion of our values:

  • Integrity
  • Generosity
  • Leadership
  • Sense of Humour & Fun
  • Little Dog with a BIG dog personality!

That’s right. The office has a resident pet dog that even has it own Twitter account. Check is out here

Watch this video to have a look at some of the amazing experiences that Red Balloon is associated with. Why wouldn’t you want to work here?