At the HSC CoWorks Mosman we are strong believers in the power of a great HSC result to open the doors of opportunity. To do well in the HSC and attain an ATAR that will provide lots of options at University students need to have the motivation to want to do well as well as learning the skills needed to perform at their best in assessment tasks, the Trial Exams and the final HSC Exams themselves.

Our state of the art HSC Coaching space is the ideal environment for students as they prepare for one of the biggest challenges of their lives. This week we installed some of our favourite motivational quotes as decals which were received very well by our students.

At this point of the HSC the climb to the top is getting steeper and the oxygen thinner however our students who have been training for this all year are well placed to continue the climb. We love what we do because we get to stand at the top of Mount HSC each year with a different group of students and admire the beautiful view. As soon as we finish the climb with one year we start at the bottom again with the next year.

Looking forward to climbing the final stages of Mt HSC with the HSC of 2013.