Supporting students with the inevitable ‘post trials slump’

Sep 1, 2021

It is inevitable that once students put down that pen after their last trial exam that they are going to want to run away from the HSC and have a (well deserved) break. 

BUT before you throw in the towel on Mount HSC – this is the most important time to demonstrate your GRIT, and utilise your vision to motivate you into finishing this last leg of the climb to the peak of Mount HSC. After 4500 + days of school since kindergarten, HSC students have less than 90 days until it is all over. We can’t give up now!

Whilst this year has been like no other, and the announcement of a delayed HSC will be disheartening for students, it is a fantastic opportunity to dig deep and demonstrate what you are made of. 

In saying that, it is also important to realise that without giving yourself a break to rest and recoup, finding that motivation and getting started again for the final leg will be difficult. Our advice for HSC students right now is to take a week (or more) after trials to have a break and rest up. This time could be used to rethink your vision (WHY you are working so hard/WHAT are you working for – Is it a degree? A feeling of satisfaction and pride? An ATAR?), and seek out some feedback post trials. 

We recommend continuing to attend your HSC CoWorks sessions (even if this is all you do during your break time), in order to maintain some routine and connection to your peers and coaches. These sessions are a fabulous time to chat with coaches about your vision post HSC, exam techniques, look through trial feedback and make plans for the HSC run up period. 

So let’s not let this last leg of the race get away from us – it’s time to dig deep, find that GRIT and finish the marathon the best you can! 

Remember if you attend all your sessions in September (8/8 sessions), you earn your very own CoWorks hoodie!

We also have 3 x $250 vouchers at an online store of your choice for our September Student Raffle. Students earn raffle entries for Challenge Question submissions in September (minimum 25 to be eligible to win). The raffle will be drawn on September 30th at 6pm and winners will be notified by email. 

Video content for overcoming the post trials slump

Parents – please watch the video below with HSC CoWorks Education Performance Manager and Head Marker, Donna, for some guidance on how to help your child navigate these final stages of their schooling life.  

Students – please join Coach Charli in discussing how to maintain motivation and continue the grind in the final push to the top of Mount HSC. 



Please note that these videos were recorded prior to the announcement that the HSC exams would be further delayed and so some dates may be incorrect. 

Our HSC Specialists are ready to take any questions you have about the HSC process or about how your child can take control of their HSC year and achieve the results which they deserve.

Get in contact with us via our live chat or calling us on 1300 967 890.

Check out our previous blog post on how to maintain motivation during the Sydney Lockdown here.

The day is finally here!👏🏼 Congratulations to the class of 2021- we are all so proud of you and all the hard work you have put in. ✨Wishing you luck in the next chapter🎉🎉 ...