Adapting to virtual learning

Aug 10, 2021

Over the past year, and more recently the past few weeks, students have been forced to move their learning online. At CoWorks, we think this is an incredible opportunity to build resilience, flexibility, grit, and adapt to the changing world around us! 


Virtual learning is an opportunity, not a burden. In order to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, we need to change our complaining to optimism. Instead of ‘virtual learning doesn’t work for my child’, or ‘he does zoom all day, he doesn’t need any more zoom’, it’s time to ask ‘how can I help my child adapt to this virtual world?’. 


By shifting the language from ‘something I have to do’ to ‘something I get to do’, gratitude and optimism are placed at the forefront, encouraging a productive and healthy mindset. This slight change in discourse which focuses on the silver linings, demonstrates to both you and your child that adaptability is the best skill in the book. It is also the most sought after resource in our workforce – the quicker we learn to master it the better! 


In doing so, students are also encouraged to take responsibility for their learning (the key to HSC success). The blame game is only going to get you so far, so instead of expecting results let’s work for them! 


This is an enormous opportunity to adapt to a predominantly virtual future, and take advantage of all the positives this creates – work from home, no distraction, flexibility, adaptability, freedom, enhanced creativity… we could go on! 


Let’s get comfortable being uncomfortable and start making the most out of this situation. It’s time to embrace everything virtual learning has to offer – there’s a lot of it! 


Join our Education Performance Manager Donna, Head Performance Coach Jesse, and Founder Fergus as they discuss in a video filmed on the 26th of July. 





0.00: Advice for parents whose kids ‘don’t work well virtually/don’t like virtual learning’ 

3.15: OWN IT – don’t let the Lockdown and virtual learning become an excuse for not doing work. 

6.15: Adaptability – get comfortable with being uncomfortable 

9.10: The future is virtual…and it’s great! 


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The day is finally here!👏🏼 Congratulations to the class of 2021- we are all so proud of you and all the hard work you have put in. ✨Wishing you luck in the next chapter🎉🎉 ...