How to succeed with essay writing in HSC English

Aug 6, 2021

English, whether Standard or Advanced, is the only HSC subject required to be completed by every student in NSW. As a result, many students tend to find themselves in a negative โ€˜away stateโ€™ about English, in particular essay writing. This often boils down to students not having taken the correct steps to approaching essay writing in a way that sets them up for success!ย 

With trial and HSC exams delayed by lockdown, students have more time to refine their essay writing technique to best prepare for the exam room. To prevent rote learning and an inability to respond to questions asked on the day, at HSC CoWorks we have developed our own Essay Building Template that we see as the blueprint for any successful essay.

If students are applying this tool, they are reducing the time spent preparing for English as this effective and efficient template allows them to tackle any and all potential questions. By laying the foundational content out all on one document, students are able to reduce stress around essay writing and set themselves up to best perform in the English exam room in those first 2 days of their exams.

Check out this video from Head Performance Coach Jesse, HSC CoWorks Founder Fergus, and Education Performance Manager Donna on how to nail essay writing for the HSC with the EBT.

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