The six million dollar question of how to eliminate procrastination, distraction and low engagement  towards HSC success is answered by a simple and easily accessible solution for all students. 

The antidote to procrastination, distraction and lower levels of engagement is the vision for the future that the HSC student wants to create.

For a typical HSC student the HSC Vision might include ideas such as:

  • ATAR Goals
  • University Courses
  • Making schoolies that much better with zero regrets
  • Making a GAP year that much better with zero regrets
  • Beating a sibling or setting a high standard for siblings to beat
  • Creating as many opportunities as possible
  • Using the HSC to demonstrate and develop the qualities of persistence, resilience, determination. 

Every person on planet earth understands that we need to set a goal in order to achieve something however very few people consistently engage with these goals on a daily basis to ensure that they stay motivated and energised to continue working towards a goal.

When a student keeps their goal front of mind every single day, they will be much less likely to procrastinate working on the important tasks that they need to. It will give them the self discipline and resolve to eliminate the endless distractions which are available to the teens of 2020/2021.

If the vision is front of mind via a vision board or goals on the bathroom mirror your child will have an extra level of focus and discipline as they constantly make the decision of whether to focus on the task at hand or choose the path of least resistance (procrastination and distraction). 

At HSC CoWorks we encourage all students to have a Vision board up in a place they will see every single day so that they are reminded of the benefits of doing that extra practice essay rather than leaving their attention open to being hijacked by anything and everything that looks more attractive than hard work. 

Click here to view a sample vision board as a guide.

The act of building a vision board specific to the student will build commitment as they put it on paper. This is what I want to create and I am committed to making it my reality. No matter how busy your child is I am sure they have 10 to 15 minutes to be able to fight off distraction and procrastination.