The future is still to be created by the actions we take today.

It is inevitable that ALL students will experience the famous ‘post trials slump’. However, the students who are able to have a controlled and well earned break before resuming their training for the final exams will produce significantly different results when the ATARs are finally distributed on December 16th.

Taking the foot off the pedal now would be like giving your best effort in the first 300 metres of a 400 metre race only to decide that you’re ‘over it’ and tired so going to walk the last 100 metres.

I sympathise with the class of 2020 in terms of not being able to have the same moments of celebration (graduation, formals, schoolies) as every year before them but the most important celebration is still available to every student and that of course is the opportunity to finish their HSC with zero regrets.  

Being able to walk out of your very last exam in early November with the knowledge that everything was done to achieve your very best result after 13 years of schooling produces a feeling that will be with students for many years post HSC. There will be many dinners, catch ups, birthday parties, holidays, and special moments for each and every HSC student to enjoy despite the traditional events taking a different shape this year and a sure fire way to make these events special and memorable is to finish the HSC with zero regrets. 

Jesse Gardiner, Head Coach & Managing Director

So what does zero regrets look like?  

  • Continue to focus on the benefits of achieving the goals. This is what we refer to as ‘Engage your vision’. If there is no physical representation of the goals a student is working towards, it is inevitable that distraction and procrastination will become an issue. We recommend all students  have a vision board that reflects all of the benefits which will come from working hard.  
  • Be specific and targeted with every study session by planning out the steps that can be taken today towards achieving the HSC vision.
  • Maintain momentum with daily training around the ‘little things’ (eg. English quote training, Syllabus mindmaps) which are all aimed at keeping the neural pathways and connections strong on the foundational content. Don’t feel like doing a practice essay? Do some mind maps and stay in the game.
  • Continue to work on areas that need improvement based on your Trials or any other assessment task. Learn and grow from your mistakes! The opportunity to increase ones level of capabilities (aka pushing the comfort zone) will not be available after the exams are completed.
  • Learning to be resilient in the pursuit of making an HSC vision an HSC reality in the face of obstacles, setbacks and challenges is the most important quality that students can take away from the HSC. With every challenge overcome the next challenge will be just a little bit more achievable. With Mount University and Mount Life awaiting, all students who display as much grit as possible in these next 60-70 days will produce more than just an improved ATAR.
  • While the period post Trials is notorious for a bevy of excuses as to why there are more important things to do than study for the final HSC exams we can produce results OR excuses, not both. If your vision board is in place and the realisation that in 60 – 70 days the HSC will be finished it’s much more likely a student will own the process and take responsibility for the results they seek to achieve.