Everyone wants to be able to do the big things well but there is very little differentiator between those who can, and those who can’t.

Those who are able to succeed have had to put in the hard work with all the little things in order to allow them the chance to achieve the big things.

What are the little things for HSC students?

The little things that make up an English essay are the quotes used to support the argument.  Any and every student I have ever asked the question ‘do you feel more confident in writing practice English essays if you know your quotes from memory?’ The answer is always a resounding ‘Yes!’

No one wants to write a practice essay but every student that does is able to acknowledge that they will be much more confident in writing practice essays if they can recall their quotes from memory, so why not invest a tiny amount of time each day with the little things so the big things are possible?

If quotes are the little things for English, what are the little things for content based subjects such as Biology, PDHPE, Modern History, Economics, Physics and most other subjects that follow a syllabus?

Yes that’s right, it’s the syllabus and all the foundational content, events and ideas that sit around the syllabus.

If a student is vague and uncertain on this foundational content, what is the likelihood that they will attempt exam style tasks including essays? I would say between zero to very unlikely.

Every single HSC student has the capacity to do the little things as well as any other student at their school as long as they are prepared to invest the time in doing the training that other students aren’t prepared to do.

When we look at the top performers in any aspect of life, it’s easy to fall into the trap of assuming that they are just talented in that area of their life.

Rather than complaining that you can’t do the big things well, divert that energy into doing the little things really well and before you know it the big things will be within your grasp.

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