At CoWorks we know that if the student key behaviours are in place, everything else will take care of itself. If a student thinks they can achieve a great HSC result without applying the key behaviours it will be difficult to make progress. Let’s go through each of the key behaviours to see how they produce better study habits for the HSC and beyond.  
KB #1 – Engage your vision
Keeping the long term goals firmly front of mind will remind students that if they put in the hard yards now they will reap the rewards later. If a student is energised and committed to achieving their goals by engaging their vision, they will have the resolve and self discipline to work on the tasks that count (well intentioned AND effective tasks). 
KB#2 – Plan
Planning involves breaking tasks down into smaller chunks as well as being proactive towards being prepared for the inevitable tasks that lie ahead. Through regular planning and getting proactive around being prepared for what lies ahead students will take appropriate action well ahead of time. 

KB#3 – Train.Daily

Training refers to those tasks that are producing an element of struggle that is progressing a student towards their desired goals. If students are ‘training’ consistently they will be taking the necessary steps towards being prepared for the exam room. Completing ‘notes’ and ‘homework’ daily does not qualify as ‘training’ as their very little struggle in the completion of both tasks. 
KB #4 – Push Your Comfort Zone
Every 16, 17, 18 year old is aware of the fact that they need to consistently leave their comfort zone if they are going to achieve their HSC goals. If a student is operating with this principle front of mind they will put their study efforts into those tasks that are outside their current level of capabilities which is the definition of effective study. 

KB #5 – Grit

Effective study inevitably involves failures, mistakes, challenges and obstacles so the application of grit in the face of these setbacks will ensure that a student stays on the path to choosing those tasks that produce progress over those that are warm and fuzzy but produce no progress. 
KB #6 – Own it!
There is only one person who can produce the HSC vision that a student is seeking and that is the student themselves. If the student truly ‘owns’ their HSC campaign they are taking personal responsibility for producing their very own HSC success story. The student who takes responsibility for creating a great result will always choose more effective study techniques over those that don’t.

At HSC CoWorks we are passionate about supporting our students to achieve a fantastic HSC result and at the same time develop the same key behaviours they will need to re-apply at University and in their professional life. 

Effective study habits can be developed by anyone as long as the student key behaviours are in place.