Before the internet age, intelligence was measured by the ability to acquire, understand, and apply knowledge. Now that this knowledge is so easily accessible, students are rewarded for their ability to go above and beyond – by being able to critically analyse and come to their own conclusion about the knowledge in front of them.

It is a common challenge. Your child completes their homework, studies in their room at night and has done quite well in exams previously. Then suddenly their results start to decline, their rankings slip and their motivation significantly wanes.

Well the good news is that the problem is not that your child doesn’t have enough content or knowledge. It is not that they have a bad teacher this year. It is not that they have missed some school and are struggling to catch up.

So how can your child improve their results?

HSC students need to be able to engage and think critically about the content they are learning at school. If students do not embrace this part of the learning process they will lack a comprehensive understanding and this will show in their writing and application.

So rather than teaching more content or telling students how to think, we place a huge emphasis on demonstrating to students how to think critically themselves. We do this through active collaboration, powerful coaching discussions, and tasks that are designed to push students to think beyond the level of application.

Developing the skill of critical thinking will not only help your child achieve greater success in the HSC, but in all facets of life. It is a skill that is expected at the university level, and as most parents can attest, is engaged with daily in the working world.

We want your child to get a head start in developing a skill that will support them conquer their HSC as well as prepare them for the challenges of University and beyond.