Reason 1

Prove to yourself that you can put in the effort when it counts

The HSC is just a challenge and it goes without saying that in life you are going to be presented with more challenges.  What better opportunity is there to prove to yourself that even though you wanted to rest or stop you were able to push through and demonstrate your determination, persistence, resilience and all the other qualities it takes to conquer your HSC. If you did it for your HSC, it will be much easier to do it at University and then easier again when you move into your exciting career.  

Reason 2

Do it for your parents.

They have backed you all the way, investing in your education and sacrificing all kinds of things that you won’t understand until you have children yourself. While you might not always agree with them, you have to acknowledge that they only want the best for you. Regardless of the outcome they will be proud of you but what they would love to see more than anything in the world is for you to give every bit of effort you have towards conquering your HSC. Showing them that you tried your hardest and put in your full effort all the way to the finish line will be one of the greatest gifts you will ever be able to give them.

Reason 3

Make your summer holidays unbelievably good this year!

How good are the summer holidays? The beach, Christmas Day, NYE, Holidays, weeks on end of relaxing. Now imagine all of those things with the feeling that you never have to go to school again. Christmas day with your family and an ATAR you are proud of. Partying with your friends knowing you conquered your HSC challenges. The fireworks on NYE to celebrate the end of a tough but rewarding year. Days at the beach pinching yourself just to make sure it’s not just a dream. If you want to make your summer of 2018/2019 unbelievably good, finish your HSC strong and with zero regrets.

Reason 4

You only get one chance (unless you repeat the HSC like me!)

In only a few short weeks your HSC will be done forever and there will be no opportunity to turn back the clock and have another go at it. While I don’t regret anything in my life, learn from my mistake and give it everything you’ve got so you don’t have to do it again.

Jesse Gardiner – Head Coach