With only 3 weeks to go until the final HSC exams of 2018 begin here are my top tips for ensuring you are ready for the exam room.

Tip 1

Give it everything you’ve got and finish your schooling with zero regrets.

Current Year 12 students started school as a kindergarten student approximately 4500 days ago and in 45 days every student across NSW will be finished. No doubt you are ‘over it’ and ready to be celebrating with your mates at Schoolies but in this final 1% of your days as a school student and with 50% of your marks still up for grabs, there has never been a more important time to go ‘all in’!


Tip 2

Apply the Key Behaviours for HSC Success.

As an HSC CoWorks student you have been exposed to our six key behaviours all year and as always, if these behaviours are adopted and embraced, everything else will look after itself.

  • Engage your vision – This is the fuel in your tank to ensure you stay motivated and energised to get the job done.
  • Plan – By having a clear and set daily plan you will ensure that each hour of study is as effective as it can be.
  • Train.Daily – Train your brain for the exam conditions by constantly simulating the exam room through testing yourself and going against the clock.
  • Push your comfort zone – The HSC exams are trying to take you outside your comfort zone so prepare for this by training outside your comfort zone. Remember that without struggle there is no progress.
  • Grit – It is inevitable you will face obstacles and be knocked to the ground in these final stages so pick yourself up and learn from every mistake.
  • Own it! – Take responsibility for producing the very best result you can in the final exams and leave no stone unturned so you can own that exam!

Conquering your specific subject challenges will be much more likely if the Key Behaviours are in place.


Tip 3

Attend the Mock Trial Exams

It is a given that you don’t want to do a practice exam or that you don’t feel ready to do an exam. Unfortunately, with the final exams so close and worth 50% of your results, it is imperative that you get into exam mode as quickly as possible. As an HSC CoWorks student you can attend 4 open book and 4 closed book exams. Being in a room with other nervous students and finding out your strengths and weaknesses is the fastest way to get ready for the exam room.

If you are not an HSC CoWorks student, please ensure you are completing your practice exams under exam conditions. If you are choosing Open Book first, then it must be within the same time frame as the actual exam and with no digital distractions.


Tip 4

Attend your sessions all the way until you are finished

As an HSC CoWorks student we support you right up until you are finished your final exam. Now that school is over, having 10 hours of structured sessions with accountability and support will ensure that you stay on track and keep focused all the way to the finish regardless of the temptation to go to the beach or take the foot off the accelerator.


Tip 5

Continue to submit your work to the HSC CoWorks marking team

 As always, our markers are returning work within 72 hours to provide feedback and support you critically think about how to improve your work for the exam room. The sooner you start submitting those essays that still need work the sooner you will be getting those higher marks. The markers will be marking right up until your final exam so you have the option to submit your work up to 72 hours before the final exam.

So those are my final tips to make the most out these final stages of your HSC campaign and finish with zero regrets.


Jesse Gardiner – Head Coach at HSC CoWorks