Angel’s University Experience

Aug 25, 2014

In the name of keeping our students in Vision as they climb the final stages of Mount HSC 2014 we have asked our coaches to provide some insights about their University experience.

This week our Senior Coach, Angel gives us an insight into Actuarial Studies/Bachelor of Science.

1) What course/Uni? 

Bachelor of Actuarial Studies/Bachelor of Science (Advanced Mathematics) at UNSW

2) What you like about your course so far? 

Despite its difficulty, this course has provided me with many great accomplishments. The moment I understand a mathematical problem is a moment I strive to remember in order to motivate me to learn more. This course also includes many business subjects such as accounting and economics, so it really opens up other options too. Going into a lecture theatre, you are always surrounded by the same group of people for actuarial subjects as there are around 200 students doing it in total, basically there will always be mates around and everyone is friendly.



3) What you like about your Uni?

Some of the best things about UNSW include their free food in addition to their wide range of societies which hold all sorts of events. In particular, I am a part of ASOC (Actuarial Society) and it is a great tight-knit community where you get to share experiences and get to know others who are currently in the same position as you (or were, at one point, in the same position as you). UNSW also has many great places to eat, whether it is the Max Brenner on campus or Asian cuisines all along Anzac Parade, you can try something new basically every day!

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