We came across these statistics today showing what and where students across NSW commenced their University education in 2013.

With most students now through their Trial Exams, now is a great time to do some research into the courses that you might be interested in studying next year.

The coaching staff at HSC CoWorks are studying Law, Commerce, Engineering, Advanced Science, Media and Education at UNSW and USYD so if you have any questions about their University or their course be sure to ask them!

What are students studying at Uni?

Emma Cohen

This week HSC CoWorks Coach, Emma Cohen tells us about her University experience so far.

Which University do you attend? 

I am currently completing a Bachelor of Arts/Law at UNSW, with a Major in International Development and Minor in Philosophy.

What do you like about your course so far? 

My “Arts” components are really interesting, whereas I find law quite challenging. I love the amount of thinking and discussion my degree requires.

I am constantly confronted with new ideas and different view points, and I do love a good argument!

What do you like about your University?

UNSW is great! I live on campus, so I’m completely entrenched in campus life.

The best part of uni is the freedom and independence: the hours are flexible, the lectures are a more relaxed environment compared to school and you already have so much in common with everyone you meet!