The involvement of parents in their child’s HSC campaign can often make or break it. With Trials looming, it is now a time for parents to become actively involved in their child’s preparation, if they haven’t already. By doing so, the student is aware that the parents value all the work that they are putting in and show that they care as to the results the student receives.

One way to keep up to date with what is happening is through Basecamp. All parents are members of their child’s ‘awesome HSC result’ project. In this, the students set out tasks in checklists that they want to achieve as well as logging assessments. There is also a calendar which allows due dates to be set. The handy discussion board is a forum for which the coaches, student and parents can interact and make sure that everyone is playing their part in the HSC campaign.

With assessments and Trials coming up, it’s important to also note the characteristics the student is portraying. Are they the signs of a motivated, independent learner who is pushing their way up Mount HSC, or are they showing signs of decreased enthusiasm and procrastination?

Over all, students who are being stretched and challenged will possess characteristics including:

  • Focus
  • Clear Vision
  • Working on high level tasks
  • Portrays body language of being focused and calm
  • Communicate to look for support around solutions

There are many benefits of recognising if your student is being stretched and challenged, especially in the HSC Coworks space. It allow for a great overall HSC Vision that is well supported by the coaches in the space and we find that the students with such characteristics feel more in control to achieve better marks, and they more commonly perform better.

As a parent, the task of being supportive for your child can often prove just as challenging as the HSC yourself. Using Basecamp is an excellent place to start. Speaking to the coaches at HSC Coworks is also another awesome way to make sure that we are all working together for that awesome HSC result!