As we get into the swing of Term 2, most students are weighed down with assessments and the looming final due dates of major assessments. It is imperative to remain on top of these. Basecamp provides the perfect tool to do this. You can set dates for when you want to have tasks completed and a schedule of drafts and practice tasks to make sure that you are building up the assessments appropriately. Whilst it is important to keep these goals in mind, even more so, we realize that it is only 10 weeks until Trial exams start. These are your mock HSC exams, a time when everything you have studied thus far is tested and an opportunity for you to see where you are at with your preparation for those big exams in October. The FIFA Football World Cup is happening in June and whilst the teams have just been selected, the training to make these teams and compete on such a world stage has been occurring for years. This is not dissimilar from your Trial Exam preparation that involves the preparation to be building up especially in Term 2. This will ensure that you will not be disappointed as so many students often are, come Trial Exam period in August.

At HSC CoWorks, we have a variety of courses available to help you just that bit extra. On top of your usual sessions, we have the option of our Saturday night Lock Downs start next Saturday, 31st March (available for addition purchase, see below) and the Practice Exam periods during the next holidays to get you Trial ready!


The first Saturday Night ‘Lock Down’ is happening next Saturday, 31st March 2014.
If you would like more information on how to book click here.

To support students to maintain their focus on a great HSC result we will be running optional 4 hour sessions on Saturday Study nights from 4:30pm to 9pm as an alternative to going out. These sessions will include a 60 minute exam style task (with exam conditions) followed by pizzas to finish the night.

The Saturday Night Lock Downs are an additional service to be purchased.