Hashtag #noregrets2013

Aug 28, 2013


Hi Everyone,

As we enter the final stages of HSC 2013 one of my roles at HSC CoWorks Bondi Junction and Mosman is to help ensure that students walk out of their final HSC exam with no regrets about the amount of effort they put into their HSC campaign.

With 50% of marks still up for grabs, the good news is that regardless of the amount of work done up to this point or what rank a student achieved for the assessment process there is still an opportunity to create a feeling of zero regret.

What do I think would constitute a no regret situation for a student? This would vary from student to student depending on what they wanted to achieve this year. If it were me doing the HSC again this is what I would want to be able to say to myself when the HSC is done and dusted.

1. Despite being burnt out from the Trials and a long year, I continued to work every day.

2. While sometimes I did the easy study (memorising quotes, multiple choice on the board of studies website etc) most of the time I am working on the tasks that will get me the marks (practice exams, writing English essays etc). For more on this see my blogย on where to find the extra marks.ย 

3. I was aware of my weaknesses across my 10 or 12 units and I ย actively worked towards turning them into strengths.

4. I responded to lots of different essay questions under exam conditions.

5. I attempted at least one full Mock Trial Exam for each of my subjects under exam conditions before my final HSC exam.

6. I utilised every spare chunk of 10 minutes, 30 minutes and 60 minutes to get closer to a situation of #noregrets.

7. I sacrificed TV and social media for 50 days so that I could give my full focus towards a great HSC result.

I am sure there are some other actions you could take but I think you get the idea. My goal for each of our students is that when they walk out of the exam room for the final time they can hold their head up high knowing that they did everything they could in the final stages of their HSC campaign. If they have done that, no-one will ever be able to take that achievement away from them and they will be well equipped with the next set of challenges that lie beyond the HSC.

I would love to see lots of students across NSW using the hashtag #noregrets2013 in social media over the next 6 weeks.

If you need any help working towards #noregrets please let me know.

Jesse Gardiner

Head Coach


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