We know that these weeks are some of the hardest weeks of the HSC to keep motivated and keep pushing towards your study goals. You’ve just finished your trial exams, which should mean you get to relax, and now you’re waiting on those results. Not to mention you’re almost a high school graduate, and you’re officially less than two months away from the final HSC exams!

In this period it’s important to balance de-stressing after the trial exams and maintaining the great habits you’ve developed over the past year by keeping up a regular pattern of study, no matter how much you feel like giving the books a break. Try different approaches to your modules, make a diagram, memorise some quotes and warm yourself back up to the great study you’ve been putting in all year.

Freaked out after Trials?

Some of our past students were too – and look what they have to say!

“Hey Ferg, it’s Vince; Just a quick update, I just got my HSC results today, so I thought I\’d share them with you- more specifically English. I think you’d remember that the first night I came to Ferg was the night before my trial, in which I got a shocking 61/105; however, with constant revision and marking I slowly evolved my essays from 10’s to finally 18-19’s. Coming out of the examination, I didn’t know what to expect- the questions moulded quite nicely and I was feeling substantially confident, however, by no means was I ready for the marks that I was going to achieve. In the actual HSC exam, I got a score of 91, however, regrettably, I had an assessment mark of 83 which brought me down to an 87- still amazing. If I was to give one piece of advice to any HSC student, it would be to go to Fergs- without your help, I would have been lucky to scrape through with a 75. Just for the record, I ended up with an ATAR of 90.25 🙂 so I’m ecstatic! Cheers, Vince. December 2010”

“Dear Ferg,

Thank you so much for your tutoring in the past year! I cannot believe I could go from failing nearly all my assessments (9/20) to “kicking butt” in the HSC scoring 80! I would never thought before I came to you that it would be possible to pass, let alone achieve these results! The best part about Interactive English, was that you were always confident in me and optimistic no matter what my results, even the (6/20) Wordsworth, Malouf in the trials!! My ranking jumped from 58/64 to 36/64 in the trials! That was incredible! Once again Ferg, thank you so so much for your help. I already miss Thursday afternoon at the office! Best Wishes and thanks again.

Bec S”

 Message from Ferg