26 years of experience SUPPORTING year 11 & 12 Students TO CONQUER THEIR HSC!

Are you ready to finish your hsc with NO regrets?

HSC CoWorks has been helping students like you for over 27 years! Our personalised approach and support across all subjects and all aspects of your HSC preparation will give you the tools you need to succeed. We work with you to overcome your subject challenges, improve your motivation and study technique, and prepare you for the exam room.

Our Virtual program is exactly the same as what we offer in person at our Bondi Junction, Chatswood and Mosman campuses but with the added flexibility of being able to work from wherever you are!


As a HSC CoWorks Member you will:

Receive one-on-one subject coaching across subjects.

Confidently prepare for your assessment tasks & exams

 Follow proven systems for essay writing

Make weekly structured progress towards HSC goals

Access experienced HSC markers

Receive weekly progress reports


why parents & students love CoWorks


Our team of trained Coaches will support you to make weekly progress across your HSC journey.

  • Personalised support across your subjects in your weekly sessions.
  • 15+ subjects covered.
  • Planning for upcoming assessments.
  • Exam training.
  • Essay writing systems.
  • Ongoing motivation and accountability.
  • Attend 1 or 2 sessions per week.


With our on-demand HSC support, conquering your HSC goals has never been easier!

Train for your HSC, on your own schedule, by accessing additional support from home (on zoom), outside of your weekly coaching sessions in Bondi Junction.

  • Book up to 8 x targeted private 20 minute sessions per month in your subject of choice.
  • Drop in support available every Monday and Thursday 6-8pm.


Receive fast and comprehensive feedback from experienced HSC markers within 72 hrs!

  • Submit your practice Essays, draft Assessments, Essay Plans, Depth Studies, Maths assessments, Short Answer Questions and Major Works.
  • Train for the exam room and receive feedback from experienced markers.


We support students to plan and stay organised, both during their CoWorks Sessions and whilst studying alone at home.

  • Data driven coaching = personalised support.
  • Weekly planning sessions
  • Track performance and engagement with Leaderboards, Streaks, Achievement Badges, and monthly prizes.
  • Weekly parent reporting outlining your child’s overall effort and progress across their different subjects.

what our students have to say…



The HSC CoWorks program is about so much more than subject specific support.

We work with students across Year 11 and 12 to develop six Student Key Behaviours which will allow them to overcome every HSC challenge which comes their way. These Key Behaviours cover motivation, organisation, consistency of effort, leaving the comfort zone, being resilient and taking responsibility. 

As we always say at HSC CoWorks, “If the Key Behaviours are in place, everything else will take care of itself”.

You will note that these key behaviours are not specific to the HSC and your child’s adoption of these will ensure that they are better prepared to conquer the mountains of life after school has finished (Mount Uni, Mount Career, Mount Life).


Why rely on just one private tutor when you can have access to a whole team of professional and experienced Coaches, Teachers and HSC Markers… across your subjects!

Book Regular 1-on-1 Zoom Sessions with the Subject Expert of your Choice

Access a whole team of experienced Coaches and Teachers every week to work through your subject challenges.

24/7 Access to practice questions & hsc markers

If only there was a way to get feedback on your work without having to go to your teacher. There is!

Get the feedback you need before you enter the exam room. 

Fast & Comprehensive feedback from experienced HSC Markers English, Maths, Science, Humanities, VA & Drama

Submit responses to your own questions or access 1000s of past paper questions on our Student Portal.

support with motivation and study technique?

HSC CoWorks students stay organised by utilising our planning and motivation tools. From Achievement Badges, to Streaks and Leaderboards, it is impossible not to stay motivated with your HSC preparation!

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engage your vision

If a student is energised and committed to achieving their goals, they will have the resolve and self discipline to work on the tasks that count (well intentioned AND effective tasks).

Through regular planning and getting proactive around being prepared for what lies ahead students will take appropriate action well ahead of time. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Students ‘training’ consistently, will be much more prepared for the exam room. Completing ‘notes’ & ‘homework’ does not qualify as ‘training’ as there is very little struggle involved.

Without struggle, there is no progress! If you are completing the same easy tasks over and over, you will not get any better at a given subject, in the same way that if you keep doing the same exercises at the gym without increasing the weight or reps, you won’t get any stronger or fitter.

No one likes to leave their comfort zone, but it’s the only way to improve.

It is inevitable that you will encounter obstacles over year 11 and 12 and have at least one result which you’re upset about. The most important thing to remember is that one mark won’t change your ATAR – it is the response to the setback that is most important.

Displaying grit will allow you to use setbacks as a chance to learn and grow.

There is only one person who can make your HSC vision into a HSC reality and that is of course you! 

The students who achieve the best results take initiative and responsibility for achieving their goals by applying all of the key behaviours, rather than relying on others to get them over the line and making excuses when it doesn’t happen.

About us

HSC CoWorks has over 25 years of experience supporting students across NSW to prepare and conquer their HSC. 

We focus on developing students into independent operators who have the skills to not only succeed in the HSC but also in life after school.



2x Coaching Sessions
4x Essay Markings
Free Study Toolkit posted to your door
Access to 1000s of past paper questions
Sample English Essays & Video Lessons




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HSC CoWorks is closed from December 15 - January 15, but the study doesn’t stop here! 😌🌟

Check out the link in our bio for our Summer 2023/24 Study Guide, which contains information about how to maximise your holiday break and get prepared for Term 1, 2024! 🤓📝🏔️

The HSC CoWorks team wishes you all a happy and safe Christmas and New Year! 🎄🎅

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