Are distractions getting in the way of your child's results? Are they not performing to their full potential once they've entered the exam room? 

We will coach and mentor your child along their HSC journey, ensuring they remain motivated, confident and on track to achieve the results that they deserve. We focus on improving practical Essay and Examination skills, along with developing qualities of resilience, persistence and self motivation in preparation for the challenges of the HSC as well as their future.

With 20 years of experience and thousands of students guided to the summit of "Mount HSC", we know every step of the HSC journey like the back of our hand.

Our services go far beyond a weekly drop in for Maths and English support. We have over 20 subjects available for face to face support, and an online system which ensures students are supported 24/7.

By providing students with the tools, exercises and guidance to mentally and practically prepare for all aspects of the HSC, we drastically increase their chances of success.

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Improve HSC Essay Writing Skills

It is a known fact that the clear majority of students struggle with the skill of essay writing and having only 40 minutes to complete high scoring essays in the exam room requires appropriate preparation.

Developing the skill of essay writing is crucial to achieving a great HSC result.



Improve Exam Perfromance

75% of your child's results will come from how they perform in the exam room.

Without the appropriate preparation, it is inevitable that a student will underperform and not receive the marks which they deserve.


Subject Specific Challenges

Receive expert support and coaching around current challenges in over 20 different subjects.

Students may choose to invest their time at HSC CoWorks in just 1 subject or in all of them!

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Creating Structure & Accountability

Many students come to us overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be completed in such a short timeframe.

We support students to develop their time management and study techniques as well as keep them accountable to completing the tasks which will improve their overall results.

98% of our surveyed 2016 students said HSC CoWorks greatly impacted their ATAR result! 


I think that we would all agree that the best way to ensure our kid’s future is in the education space, and in the 21st century, our priority must be to create curious, resilient and solution focused mindsets. 

Our school systems as they stand can’t always tackle this and as Australia continues to slide down the global numeracy and literacy standards, it is clear the system is simply not delivering. As Einstein said “Why do we keep doing things the same way and expect a different outcome”. 

At HSC CoWorks we recognise that all brains are different and the same approach to study and learning which works for one student will not work for another! Therefore a tailored and personal approach is taken inside a dynamic action based learning environment helping students realise their potential, build confidence and also the critical mindset crucial to success in the 21st century.

HSC CoWorks Found Fergus Gardiner
HSC CoWorks Student
  • We take the headache out of the HSC process for the busy family

  • Maintain a happy home by letting us keep your child accountable to the important tasks

  • An expert team that can relate to your child's specific HSC challenges

  • Have certainty that your child is making weekly progress towards their HSC goals

  • Providing the skills & mindset to overcome every and any HSC challenge

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HSC CoWorks Review


HSC 2017
I just wanted to say a big shout out to the wonderful coaches and the program you have in place. I think we would have all gone quite mad without the routine and support throughout last year! We are DELIGHTED with how well Ali did and especially as she came from so far away and got 0.5 higher than the mark she had been aiming for!
HSC CoWorks Review


HSC 2016
Thank you so much guys for all your continued support! Wouldn’t have survived the year without you! 🙂
HSC CoWorks Review


HSC 2017
Thank you to the entire HSC CoWorks staff. I would never have achieved the result I did without the support I received and I can honestly say I really really enjoyed my time at CoWorks and would 100% recommend it to any future HSC student.
HSC CoWorks Review


HSC 2016
Overall I want to thank the entire HSC CoWorks staff. I would never have achieved the result I did without the support I received and I can honestly say I really enjoyed my time at CoWorks and would 100% recommend it to any future HSC student.
HSC CoWorks Review


HSC 2016
The HSC team at CoWorks are an amazing group of tutors who were definitely pillars of support for me during the HSC. Not only did they provide quality advice and knowledge they were also extremely understanding of the stressful and at times dramatic nature of the HSC. The strong sense of community that develops at CoWorks during the HSC is amazing and I would love to thank all of the coaches who pushed me to do more and kept me sane throughout the year.
HSC CoWorks Review


HSC 2016
Thanks for everything. The support received during my time at HSC CoWorks was unbelievable and made my whole HSC experience a lot smoother. I will recommend HSC CoWorks to anyone requiring a tutoring service as I believe the way it is structured is very professional and well catered to an individual's needs for them to excel in the HSC.
HSC CoWorks Review


HSC 2016
HSC CoWorks played an integral role in helping me throughout the HSC. The support, both in the office and online, allowed me to maintain a high level of motivation and dedication which played a significant role in allowing me to achieve my dream ATAR. Fergus, Jesse and all the other coaches and markers went above and beyond to give every student an opportunity to achieve their best.