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Face to Face Tuition OR Online Programmes

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HSC CoWorks continues to support our students throughout the school holidays.

We offer Holiday Support Sessions and Mock Exam Programmes in July and September for our Year 12 students as well as optional Study Bootcamps in January, April, July & September. Students will use the precious time of school holidays to maximise their HSC study, get expert support and learn the study skills that will get students into their dream University Course.


During the school holidays, HSC CoWorks runs Holiday Support Sessions to Year 11 and Year 12 students, providing continual support for upcoming assessment tasks, ensuring completion of the necessary holiday study and further developing study techniques.

Students will be kept accountable to tasks and challenged to improve their understanding of subjects. They will complete multiple exam style tasks during these sessions which test their knowledge and application as well as their overall performance in each subject. These tasks allow the HSC CoWorks team to target their support to the areas most needed. Students must remember that 70-80% of their final ATAR will come from assessments and examinations. There is a strong correlation between students who complete a high number of practice exams/questions/tasks and students who receive a stronger ATAR.



In July and September, prior to the HSC Trials and HSC Examinations, HSC CoWorks runs a mock exam programme for our Year 12 students designed specifically to prepare our students for the exam room. Students will sit open and closed book exams, all under timed conditions, in English as well as 4 subjects of their own choosing. This 28 hour programme runs over 2 weeks in both the July and September holidays. Our aim is to:

  1. Hardwire the behaviour of completing an exam under timed conditions. By doing this a student will feel much more confident going into the examination room than those students who have attempted just 1-2 practice papers at the library.
  2. Ensure that student's identify any knowledge gaps or poor writing prior to the real examinations. We prefer students to receive disappointing marks in our Exam room than in the real thing! Written examinations in approximately 20 subjects can be submitted to our website for marking by our expert marking team who all have experience in marking HSC Papers with the Board of Studies.



Held in January, April, July & September. Our study bootcamps provide an optimal learning environment over the holidays for students in Year 12. Students attending our study bootcamps can work without the distractions of home or the library and are accountable to and supported by our expert HSC staff. No Facebook, no mobile phones and no wasting time.

Students will be guided in effective study techniques whilst also attempting HSC exam style questions and preparing for any upcoming assessment tasks. Each bootcamp covers at least 50% of our recommended daily study requirement in the holidays.

Our Study Bootcamps are an optional component of the programme, at an additional fee and are consistently sold out. They have proved a huge success in preparing students for the term ahead and getting the most effective use of the school holiday period.