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Are you looking for a service that will:

  • Support your child with assessment tasks & essays?
  • Coach your child in a large range of subjects in a single environment?
  • Provide motivation, accountability and planning techniques?
  • Develop your child into an independent operator?
  • Provide your child with confidence and a skill set that will lead to success in the HSC and in the future?
  • Provide 24/7 online access to a range of Year 11 and Year 12 learning resources?
  • Provide access to experienced markers who have marked the HSC examinations with the Board of Studies?

HSC CoWorks is a family run business made up of a team of HSC experts – Experienced HSC teachers, HSC online markers, high achieving university students who received average ATAR of 98+ and certified life coaches.

We have been providing high quality tuition since 1996 and in this time we have worked with thousands of students who have travelled from all over Sydney to join our programme. Our focus is on building skills that provide pathways to success in the HSC. Our students learn how to turn the content they learn at school into high scoring assessment and exam results as well as becoming an independent learner for ongoing tertiary success.
  • Weekday 2hr coaching session. In this two hour session students will receive expert support and coaching around their current subject challenges, preparing for assessments and exams, planning and time management and effective study techniques. Across the two hour session students may choose which subject they would like to work on, however the HSC CoWorks team will be aware of any student avoiding a particular subject and will also ensure that the tasks the student is working on are challenging enough to be making progress in that area. Performing well in the HSC is much more than simply accumulating information, content and notes. More important is developing the skills required to perform in assessment tasks and in the exam room. Just like any other skill, these skills can be taught and will add value beyond the HSC.
  • Weekend 3hr coaching session.
  • Unlimited access to our online HSC resources.
  • Essay marking from our team of experienced HSC markers.
  • Mock Trial Exam & Holiday Programme for Year 12 students in June/July and Sept/Oct.
  • Holiday Support Sessions so that students are supported right through the year including in the school holidays.
All of our sessions are in a group setting however within each session each student will be working with our team of tutors and teachers individually. Our goal is to create highly successful independent learners and a learning environment which allows students time to think, time to work and personal attention on how to improve.

Our service offers a collaborative learning environment where our coach to student ratio is still low enough for students to receive regular and consistent support. Weekend support, 24/7 online tuition, coaching in multiple subjects and access to HSC markers online makes ours a much more comprehensive approach than being visited once a week by a tutor.
We offer tuition for students in Year 11 and Year 12 only.
Yes. We have an online only programme which gives students access to a huge array of learning resources for a variety of subjects, online testing and an essay marking service where students can receive valuable and effective feedback on their writing. Our online package students are also welcome to join the Holiday Programmes on campus for an additional fee.

Once Enrolled

All of classes are run by our team of highly experienced HSC teachers and tutors. We meet 1 hour prior to students arriving to prepare for the day’s classes and continually monitor student performance and engagement. All of our coaching staff complete comprehensive training on an ongoing basis to ensure that the delivery of service is of the highest quality. Our coaches are mentored from the commencement of their employment as a junior coach through to team leader.
Where a session is missed during the week (Monday Tuesday or Wednesday), the student can book in and attend the Sunday Burst session the following weekend in addition to their other chosen weekend support session.
Enrolment at HSC CoWorks is continuous throughout the term and break periods as a full years engagement. This allows the student to make full use of the online services over the break periods (Portal resources and Planning tool plus the Marking Service) and they can also attend the holiday study sessions that are running (marked on the calendar on the student and parent portals). The student can attend 2 sessions a week over the holiday period. These are offered for any student who is in Sydney but if they are out of town they use their portal to keep focusing on any study they need to be doing.

The centres do close over the Christmas period, (19th Dec to 5th Jan inclusive). All holiday sessions are in the calendar. The markers take a break too over that period, 2 – 3 weeks, but students can keep working in the Portal and can keep submitting. It will just be longer for their work to be returned.

In the April, July and September holidays there are many study sessions and July and September there are the 8 full mock exams per holiday period that we run under exam conditions (all during the day) to give the student the experience many times over before they actually have to sit the real exams of the HSC. This is invaluable experience for them. In September, once school finishes for the student, we run the sessions (again, run during the day) so to give extra support until the end of their HSC exams.

We offer holiday support sessions throughout the holiday period to Year 11 and Year 12 students.

We also have holiday programmes specifically for Year 12 students which include a Mock Exam Programme and Study Bootcamps. Bootcamps are available at a discounted rate for Standard Package students at $400.00 per week (available on the Shop).
Exam performance in the final year of your child’s schooling is extremely important as up to 75% of a student’s HSC results will come from their performance in the exam room. We prepare our students for exam situations by providing exam style tasks for students in their subject planning to be completed throughout the year as well as running a Mock Exam Programme in July and October to prepare students for the Trial Exams and the final HSC Exams. The Mock Exam Programme will see students complete up to 8 examinations in a large range of subjects under timed conditions, both open and closed book.

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