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we have Over 24 years of experience supporting Year 11 and 12 students in

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We have over 24 years of experience supporting 1000s of Year 11 and 12 students across Sydney, to TRAINPREPARE and CONQUER their HSC. 

We provide a motivating and structured environment where students can stay in control of their HSC year, overcome their subject challenges, perfect the skill of essay writing and learn how to dominate the exam room!

Our mission is to prepare you with the knowledge, skills and mindset which will see you succeed not only in your HSC, but at University and in life

 Essay Writing, Exam Performance & Study Technique

 Overcome all of your Subject Specific Challenges

Support with Assessment Tasks

Weekly & structured progress towards your HSC goals

Weekly parent reporting

A personalised experience tailored to your learning style

Access to experienced HSC Markers

The HSC CoWorks Program

  • Why have 1 tutor support you in a subject when you can have a whole team of experienced coaches supporting you across all of your subjects!
  • A 1-on-1 personalised experience tailored to your learning style and needs.
  • Develop your essay writing skills with our Essay Building systems.
  • Receive feedback from experienced HSC markers across your subjects.
  • Most of your ATAR is determined by exam performance!
  • Train for the exam room with tasks personalised to your topics and texts.
  • In addition to working with our Coaching and Teaching team in your sessions you can also connect with them via zoom when you need them from home 5 days a week!
  • Ask 1 question or stay for longer, our team provide you with support as you need it.
  • Learn how to manage your time and study effectively.
  • Feel prepared for your assessments and in control of your HSC.
  • Learn how to operate with a growth mindset.
  • Use tools that make studying easier!
  • Track your performance and submission data so you can measure your performance every step of the way. 
  • Detailed parent reporting sent every week with details of your child’s submissions, marker feedback, engagement and progress across their different subjects.

which subjects will we support you with?

You will work with our team of Coaches and Teachers across your different subjects to ensure that you are making progress in all areas! One session might be focused on English and Business Studies, the next could be Maths and Physics. Students are also supported 24/7 in each of their subjects via our online portal resources and expert HSC Marking Service.

Ancient History

English Advanced

English Standard

English Extension 1 & 2


Business Studies





History Extension

Legal Studies

Mathematics Standard 2

Mathematics ADVANCED

Mathematics Ext 1 & 2

Modern History



Society & Culture

Studies of Religion 1 & 2

Visual Arts

our team

HSC CoWorks is a family run business which was established in 1996 by English teacher, Fergus Gardiner.

At HSC CoWorks our team of experienced HSC Teachers, experienced HSC Markers and 50+ Coaches provide ongoing motivation, support students to develop strong study behaviours, provide guidance through the assessment task process and prepare students for the exam room.

We place great importance on developing students to become independent learners, turning the content they learn at school into high scoring assessment and exam results.

Our Coaching Team are made up of highly successful University Students with an ATAR average of 98.00. These individuals receive weekly training to develop their coaching skills and improve their impact on a student’s results. Our Coaches support HSC Students in an array of subjects, share effective study strategies & techniques, as well as act as mentors to the next stage in many HSC Student’s lives – University Life.

Qualified Teaching Staff who have many years experience teaching Year 11 and Year 12 students in the NSW education system. They are passionate about the power of education and life-long learning to open the doors of opportunity and to create a rich and rewarding life.

We have carefully developed a team of highly experienced HSC Markers who have experience marking the HSC Examinations with NESA NSW. By giving students access to these experts throughout their HSC journey students have the opportunity to improve their writing, clarify their understanding and receive invaluable support and advice from the very people who have marked the HSC examinations.

The disciplines, confidence, skills and ownership you have instilled in Nicholas are invaluable and form part of the foundation we have worked to establish with him during his time at school.

Your personal care and quality service has been wonderful and we very much appreciate everything you and your team of coaches have done to make the HSC experience such a positive one for us.

Parent (HSC 2018)

I just wanted to say a big shout out to the wonderful coaches and the program you have in place.

I think we would have all gone quite mad without the routine and support throughout last year! We are DELIGHTED with how well Ali did and especially as she came from so far away and got higher than the mark she had been aiming for!

Parent (HSC 2019)

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