Year 11 HSC Programme

We encourage students to join our year 11 programme from March 2017 so that they may start to develop the necessary planning and study skills needed for success in both year 11 and 12, as well as build the confidence to excel in their studies.

Start in March 2017

Are you looking for a HSC tuition service that will:


Start GUIDING & PREPARING your child for the HSC from Year 11?

SUPPORT your child with their assessment tasks, essays and provide MOTIVATION & ACCOUNTABILITY throughout the HSC journey?

DEVELOP your child into an INDEPENDENT operator who is ready for challenges post HSC?

Our team often compares Year 11 & 12 to climbing a mountain. Any mountain worth climbing requires;

  • Preparation
  • Training
  • Hard work
  • Guidance
  • Motivation
  • Dedication

Along the course of the climb, students will need to learn how to overcome adversities and obstacles whilst enjoying the successes and triumphs that come from their efforts. Having coached thousands of students to climb Mount HSC® we know how to train our students through the different challenges of Year 11 and Year 12 to prepare them for success at the end.

As students progress from each base camp to the next the climb becomes steeper with greater challenges to negotiate.

Programme Inclusions

In this two hour weekday session (Monday-Wednesday evenings) students will;

  • Receive expert support and coaching from our Coaches & Teachers around their current subject challenges.
  • Receive support preparing for specific assessment tasks which the school sets for them or upcoming exams by practicing tasks with expert support available to them.
  • Complete Planning for upcoming assessments and exams. Students will work with the Coaching Team to prepare for upcoming assessment tasks and plan for success in a subject using the Student Portal planning tool. The HSC CoWorks team will guide a student towards the right planning for a subject, what tasks need to be completed for success in a subject, when should they be completed and who can keep them accountable.
  • Develop their time management and study techniques. Many students come to us overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be completed and in such a short timeframe. We will work with students to ensure their study habits are efficient and they are managing their time effectively.
  • Ensure that they have a very sound understanding of subjects that will be carried over into Year 12.
The Weekend supervised study and support sessions are 3hours long and run from Friday to Sunday.

These sessions are an opportunity for students to achieve a solid amount of work regardless of other commitments. The majority of our students play sport or participate in extra curricular activities. We aim to ensure that in the 3 hours per weekend that students are at HSC CoWorks, they are making serious progress in their subject performance.

Students at these sessions work towards upcoming assessment tasks/exams, gain support from our expert team and complete challenging tasks which will prepare them for the exam room.

The five hours a student spends at the HSC CoWorks office each week should be considered the most valuable hours of preparation each week and therefore should not be used for completing tasks which can be completed at home without any support required. Our staff will support students move away from tasks such as homework, taking notes, researching and reading and into the tasks which are both well intentioned AND effective.
Our fully interactive portal provides students with Year 11 and HSC specific resources and tools which will support them during their HSC Campaign. Students use the website to;

  • Build essays using our Essay Building Templates.
  • Submit written work in a range of subjects for marking by our HSC experienced marking team. By giving students access to these experts throughout their HSC journey students have the opportunity to improve their writing, clarify their understanding and receive invaluable support.
  • Complete short answer & multiple choice in over 15 subjects.
  • Create a plan of action for each subject using the HSC CoWorks Planning tool which includes lists of recommended study tasks.
  • Assign Coaches to keep them accountable to completion of tasks.
  • Message the Coaching team at anytime.
  • Review their performance and overall progress.
Our team of highly experienced HSC markers (with experience marking the HSC examinations with the Board of Studies) will return all work submitted through the website within 72 hours of submission.

By giving students access to these experts throughout their HSC journey students have the opportunity to improve their writing, clarify their understanding and receive invaluable support and advice from the very people who have marked the HSC examinations.

We encourage students to submit work throughout their HSC campaign so that our team of markers can provide support and direction on how to improve their writing before an assessment task or exam.

As so much of a student’s HSC success is focused on performance in the exam room, we encourage students to consistently submit their responses to exam style questions throughout the year.
Throughout your HSC year, there are going to be times where you need to put in an even greater level of effort to achieving success.

The Study Burst sessions are in addition to the Weekend Support Sessions and are an opportunity to get additional work completed, with no distractions. The Performance Coaches will also recommend these sessions to specific students who are in need of an additional boost in performance.

The session is less about individual coaching support and more about keeping students accountable to completing the important tasks recommended by HSC CoWorks for a successful HSC outcome.
All parents will receive a weekly report with a summary of their child’s performance and progress over the week. This report will clearly identify what tasks have been completed over the week, which subjects and tasks a student may be avoiding and also whether they are fully utilising the resources available to them.

We also send a weekly newsletter targeted at Year 11 parents and students, educating them on the different stages of Mount HSC, upcoming events, as well as invaluable information on study techniques and strategies for HSC Success.
HSC CoWorks continues to support students throughout the school holidays. In place of the 2hr weekday and 3hr weekend sessions, we offer Holiday Support Sessions of approximately 6-9hours per week for our Year 11 Students. These are run across Friday, Saturday and Sunday and focus on students receiving expert support and learning the study skills that will get them ready for their final year of school.

*COMING SOON* Holiday Workshops for Year 11 Students only.