Jesse Gardiner


Head Performance Coach & Business Manager

Jesse is the Business Manager as well as the head performance coach at HSC CoWorks. Jesse joined the business in 2008 after a number of years working at an international investment bank. Jesse has a Bachelor of Business from UTS and is a Certified Life Coach with Life Coaching Institute of Australia as well as a Certified Brain Based Coach through the Neuro Leadership Group which applies Neuroscience to performance coaching. He is passionate about working with students to help them develop clear goals and also overcome obstacles so that they may achieve the best possible ATAR. Jesse’s own Life Coaching and Business Coaching business was launched in 2013 and he currently works with clients in New York, London, Auckland, Melbourne and Barcelona to help them achieve success and improve performance in their field. All of these coaching principles can be applied to working with High School students, giving them the tools they need for success in the HSC and also University. Skills such as having a Clear Vision; Goal Setting; Effective Planning & Time Management; Accountability.

On a personal note Jesse also happens to be Fergus’ son and when he isn’t working at HSC CoWorks he is reading business books, hitting the gym, learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or spending time at the beach with his wife, Sarah and two children Anderson & Ava.

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